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Past performances

Past performances JoJo presents performances throughout the year. JoJo is a professional dance production center that offers dance art programme representing both domestic and international dance types in its year-round

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kuva tanssifestivaalista

OuDance – The Days – EN

OuDance Festival | PERFORMANCE ON WED 13.9.
The Days invites the audience to share an encounter with two Finnish dancers Maria Nurmela and Ville Oinonen. The performance asks them to anew it at every performance. Caught in an impossible loop of absurd and heartfelt exchanges, the performers journey takes the form of a lifetime shared in this compelling performance about care, resilience and the desire for connection.

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tanssiesitys tanssifestivaali

OuDance – M(other) – EN

OuDance Festival | PERFORMANCE ON FRI 15.9.
Mother and son, Raimonda Gudavičiūtė and Elias Haun play, dance and live side by side, giving each other space – and competing for available space.
M(other) deals with the challenge that motherhood poses to an artist’s working life.

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OuDance – La Familia – EN

OuDance Festival | PERFORMANCE ON SAT 16.9.
In the documentary multi-arts work La Familia by Porttiteatteri and Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin, the performers’ personal experiences take the stage in an intricate and unapologetic manner. Throbbing all around this we find modern flamenco that in this work is synonymous with being eye-to-eye with life.

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nykytanssifestivaali tanssiesitys

OuDance – Gravity – EN

OuDance Festival | PERFORMANCE ON THU 14.9.
Gravity is a 50-minute long, high-paced, physically stunning movement piece with eight dancers on the stage. The piece produced in collaboration with Helsinki Dance Company and Kinetic Orchestra follows the continuum of choreographer Jarkko Mandelin’s extremely physical and movement-focused dance works. The visit is produced in collaboration with Oulu Theatre.

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Paavo Virtanen and darkness

PERFORMANCE on 1.4. at 16
Join us on an adventure that will create shivers of excitement and joyful laughter!

Dance Theatre Raatikko’s Paavo Virtanen and darkness brings to the stage Anneli Kanto’s lovely Virtanen brothers.

The performance is part of the Oulu Theatre’s Oulu Children’s and Youth Theatre Festival programme.

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Apply to audience work

apply to audience work For professionals We are looking for workshops, courses and other activities for JoJo´s audence work. Read more GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT APPLYING Apply to audience work   JoJo’s

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GÄNG GÄNG Company’s WOLF is a merger between a wolf and a young person at risk of social exclusion. Choreography Liisa Heikkinen.

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Dance Prohibition

JoJo’s spring program opens up with DANCE PROHIBITION, a co-production of Dance Theatres Minimi and Tsuumi. It’s a manifesto on the right of the people to dance free when, where and how hey want.

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