TADaC presents - Emmi Venna: Core

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JoJo’s spring program 2021 brings together several productions that were delayed from their original schedule.

About the performance

TADaC presents - Emmi Venna: Core

Performance schedule

Valvesali, Oulu 
Sat 15.5. at 19


Description of the performance


ginger speed avatar core
texture fictitious syn/koop/pi core
dance for yourself dance ignition core
long step cloud core
b r e a kbeat square basket core
~ wonky side curtain core ~
ghost core mode rush core

Choreography: Emmi Venna | Dance: Iiris Laakso, Elisa Lejeune, Verna Nordlund, Veera Snellman, Suvi Kelloniemi, Maria Mäkelä, Terhi Hartikainen | Lighting and set design: Erno Aaltonen | Costume Design: Hanne Jurmu | Sound design: Ville Kabrell | Choreographic interlocutor: Mira Kautto | Photographic Artwork: Aino Autere | Dance floor: Marja Zilcher and Erno Aaltonen

More about the performance during spring 2021.


Master’s students in the art of dance at the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Theater Academy have the opportunity to build a joint artistic thesis project called TADaC (Theater Academy Dance Collective) in their final year of study.

TADaC has existed since 2007. It has traditionally involved the production of a stage work in collaboration with a professional choreographer and designers. Since its performance, the work has toured domestically and internationally.

Emmi Venna was selected as the choreographer of TADaC after a short but rewarding period of joint work. The students were spoken by Emmi Venna’s artistic proposals as well as the dialogical and transparent way of working. When choosing the TADaC choreography, the discussion also highlighted the students’ desire to work with the local and the author of the master’s program in dance. In addition, Emmi played good music.

The goal of the TADaC project is to enable a deep artistic process, providing sufficient time to produce the work. The goal of the next tour of the work is to provide an opportunity to experience a longer life cycle of performing and to gather experiences of performing the work in different venues and cultural environments. The tour also includes the opportunity to conduct small-scale local public workshops. TADaC is the artistic thesis of the participating dancers.


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Other infromation

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