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What is currently happeming at JoJo and what is coming next? Information about up coming program and other activities.

Tickets are on sale at the Cultural Centre Valve’s ticket office and at unless otherwise stated in the performance-specific ticket information.The performances on sale can be found using the “JoJo esittää” search, unless otherwise stated. For tickets for OuDance Festival performances, the search term is “OuDance”.

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tanssijoita nykytanssiesityksessä

Dance of the Fisherman – EN

Taneli Törmä's (DK/FI) and Caroline McSweeney's (DK/IE) site-specific performance Dance of the Fisherman will be staged on three islands off the west coast of Finland; In Bergö, Korpo and Hailuoto.
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PERFORMANCES on 15.-21.5.
GÄNG GÄNG Company's WOLF is a merger between a wolf and a young person at risk of social exclusion. Choreography Liisa Heikkinen.
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What is JoJo?

JoJo – Oulu Dance Center is a professional dance production center operating in the northern Finland’s vibrant dance art field, offering international, multidisciplinary dance art programme, with a focus on contemporary dance. The program also includes the OuDance Festival in the autumn. For dance art professionals, JoJo is a platform for co-productions and visiting performances and offers international residency exchange programs.

In addition, JoJo offers open workshops for everyone. JoJo is one of the four member organizations of the Northern Dance Regional Center and is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the City of Oulu.

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