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What is currently happeming at JoJo and what is coming next? Information about up coming program and other activities.

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The Last Sapiens

A dystopic playing depiction, The Last Sapiens by Elssa Antikainen and Hanna Poikela, takes the audience as a member of an expedition to observe a ruined world that becomes the scene of power games of a small community. Behind it all is Jarkko Martikainen’s singing and guitar as the soundtrack of destruction played with the musicians of Haaga Folk Machine.

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A Couple of Humans – EN

PERFORMANCE ON 8.6. Alexander Theater, Helsinki
Combining the physical and visual theater, Riikka Puumalainen and Antti Puumalainen, working with individualism and human relations, A Couple of Humans reflects on humanity from the perspectives of encounter, communication and interaction. Perfomances in Oulu on 20.-23.10.

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Lee Hall: Billy Elliot – EN

The musical Billy Elliot, directed by Heta Haanperä, is seen on the main stage of the Oulu Theater, Th musical is about the growth story of an 11-year-old boy living in the heart of a small mining town. Children performing have been selected from the Oulu area through entrance exams make Billy Elliot a special musical. JoJo has hired three dancers to the production.
Performances continue fall 2022.

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OuDance Festival

The annual OuDance Festival on 14th-18th September presents top international and domestic guest performances!

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Photo of Titty Hope performing.

New Audience Work Coordinator Leea Alatalo

JoJo – Oulu Dance Center launched a search for an Audience Work Coordinator in February. Fourteen applications were received and seven candidates were interviewed. JoJo’s Board elected KM Leea Alatalo. She will begin her full-time position on August 2, 2021. From April to the beginning of June, she works alongside Heikkinen during the induction period.

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Photo of Only breathing nothing else was left.

Nykyteatteri Vera Audentia: Only breathing, nothing else was left

Only breathing, nothing else was left explores and deals with different forms of violence.
The performance tells the life story of various human destinies.

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What is JoJo?

JoJo – Oulu Dance Center is a professional dance production center operating in the northern Finland’s vibrant dance art field, offering international, multidisciplinary dance art programme, with a focus on contemporary dance. The program also includes the OuDance Festival in the autumn. For dance art professionals, JoJo is a platform for co-productions and visiting performances and offers international residency exchange programs.

In addition, JoJo offers open workshops for everyone. JoJo is one of the four member organizations of the Northern Dance Regional Center and is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the City of Oulu.

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