JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre

JoJo – Oulu Dance Center is a professional dance production center operating in the northern Finland’s vibrant dance art field, where the members of the association have the highest authority.

About organization

JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre

The members of the association hold the highest power at the JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre. The association has two regular meetings each year; spring and autumn meeting. The most important item on the agenda of the spring meeting is the financial statements of the previous year and in the autumn meeting the action plan and budget for the coming year.

Board for 2021-2022

Henna Holma, Chairman, Director of Drama and Theater Classes, Dance Teacher (Bachelor of Arts)
Anni Heikkinen, Vice President, M.Sc. (Dance Research), Dance Teacher (BA)
Miia Ahonen, Member of the Board, Dance Teacher (BA)
Eerika Arposalo, Member of the Board, Master of Dance, Master of Education
Mia Lappalainen, Member of the Board, Master of Dance
Anna Myllylä, Member of the Board, Drama Instructor (BA)

The board is elected at the association’s statutory autumn meeting for two years at a time. The task of the board is to supervise that the activities of the association are carried out in the manner prescribed by the regulations of the Associations Act and the association’s own rules. The Board oversees that JoJo’s operations are carried out annually in accordance with the action plan and budget decided at the autumn meeting. The Board acts as the employer of the production center staff.

Artistic Select Committee 2021-2022

Petri Hoppu, Senior Lecturer, Docent of Dance Studies
Mikko Korsulainen, Actor
Henna Holma, Director of drama and theater classes, Dance Teacher (Bachelor of Science)
Liisa Heikkinen, Audience Work Coordinator, Master of Dance
Helena Lindqvist, Managing Director, M.Sc. (Art Research)

The Artistic Select Committee selects JoJo’s annual production and visiting programme as well as the programme for OuDance Festival. There is an open call for applications for production and programme open to all professionals every year.

Production Center Staff

Helena Lindqvist, Managing Director, M.Sc. (Art Research) 
Mira Kolanen, Producer, Dance Teacher (Master’s degree)
Leea Alatalo, Audience Work Coordinator, Master of Education

The artistic staff working at JoJo comes from the freelance field of dance. JoJo employs more than a hundred dance and performing arts professionals every year.

The Northern Dance Regional Center consists of four strong professionals working in dance field in Northern Finland: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre (Oulu), Dance Theater Rimpparemmi (Rovaniemi), Contemporary Dance Production Routa Company (Kajaani) and Pyhäsalmen Tanssi ry (Pyhäjärvi), which produces Full Moon Dance Festival.

The aim of the regional center’s activities is to promote equal access to art and cultural services and the employment of dance professionals in different parts of Finland.

The Northern Regional Dance Center is part of Finland’s comprehensive network of regional dance centers.
The other regional centers are: Regional Dance Center of Eastern Finland, Dance Center of Central Finland, Regional Dance Center of Western Finland, Regional Dance Center of Ostrobothnia, Pirkanmaa Dance Center and Zodiak – New Dance Center.

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