OuDance Festival

OuDance Festival 2021

The OuDance Festival will be held for the 27th time in Oulu on September 15-19, 2021.

OuDance 2021

The degree of domestication at the OuDance Festival in September is 100 percent

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The Artistic select committee of JoJo – Oulu Dance Center decided, that The OuDance festival held on 15–19th of September will be run by domestic artists due to Covid-19 situation.

The following performances will be seen at the festival: Carl Knif Company’s Fugue in two Colors, Wilma Seppälä’s and Onni Toivonen’s Amalgam, Race Horse Company’s Chevalier, Susanna Leinonen Company’s TOXIC and Willman Dance Company’s Empress’s New Clothes. Choreographer Ninni Perko’s Cold Chain produced by Sivuun Ensemble will be seen as a dance film in the program.

There was an open call for application for the festival’s program and a total of 41 applications were received for this year’s festival, three of which were from international working groups. The number of international applications was exceptionally low, which may be thought to be due to the impact of the corona epidemic on travel. The festival’s collaborators are the Oulu Film Center, Oulu Theater, Cultural Centre Valve, Kulttuurivoimala, Saha Prod and Sokos Hotel Arina.

OuDance festival courses and other programme will be announced in early August. Ticket sales will also open in August.

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Festival performances

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At 19 in Valvesali
Carl Knif Company: Fugue in two colors


At 19 in Valvesali 
Wilma Seppälä & Onni Toivonen: Amalgam

FRIDAY 17.9.

At 18 in Pikisali, Oulu Theatre 
Race Horse Company: Chevalier


At 16 in Studio Cinema 
Sivuun Ensemble: Cold chain

At 19 in Valvesali
Susanna Leinonen Company: TOXIC

SUNDAY 19.9.

At 16 in Valvesali
Willman Dance Company: Empress’s New Clothes

At 16 in Studio Cinema 
Sivuun Ensemble: Cold chain

Other programme

The rest of the festival’s program and workshops will be released in early August.

For more information:

Toiminnanjohtaja | Managing Director 
helena.lindqvist@jojo.fi | +358 50 464 4880

Tuottaja | Producer
mira.kolanen@jojo.fi | +358 50 585 3906

Yleisötyöntekijä | Audience Work Coordinator 
leea.alatalo@jojo.fi | +358 400 151 152

LIPUT | TICKETS – in August 

Kulttuuritalo Valveen lippumyymälä | Valve Ticket office 
Hallituskatu 7, +358 8 5584 7575 sekä www.ticketmaster.fi

Liput Race Horse Companyn Chevalier-esitykseen myös Oulun teatterin Myyntipalvelusta. | Tickets to Chevalier by Race Horse Company also from Oulu Theatre Ticket sales service.


Kulttuuritalo Valve | Cultural Centre Valve, Hallituskatu 7 
Pikisali, Oulun teatteri | Oulu Theater, Kaarlenväylä 2 
Elokuvateatteri Studio | Studio Cinema, Hallituskatu 7

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