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OuDance Festival

Jonna Aaltonen: Into the air

30th OuDance Festival is held in Oulu on 13.-17.9.2023

OuDance Festival

Jonna Aaltonen: Into the air

Around Shopping Center Valkea
Sat 16.9. at 12.30 & 13.30 

Free entrance.

Description of the performance

“Into the air” is a small dance ode to freedom, beauty, joy, wistfulness, also with compassion, renunciation, comfort and hope.

The performance expands the practice of viewing dance, diversifies urban culture and gently shakes up perceptions of dance as an elitist, hard-to-understand art.

Concept/choreography/performer: Jonna Aaltonen | Technical assistance; music: Mikko Väärälä | Music: The Swan; Camille Saint-Saens; Carnival of the Animals | Production: Jonna Aaltonen and Western Dance Regional Centre | Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre | Duration: 5-15 min

Jonna Aaltonen (born 1972) is a freelance dance artist, graduated from the Conservatory of Turku 1995.

Aaltonen has worked broadly in the field of dance and theatre: in contemporary dance productions, dancetheatre-, musical- and opera productions. During her over 20-year-long international career she has danced in more than 70 different pieces and worked with more than 40 choreographers (Mats Ek, Nigel Charnock, Benoît Lachambre, Michael Klien, Anu Sistonen, Tommi Kitti, Carl Knif etc.) She has been a member of several reputable companies in Europe, for example Norrdans, Sweden and VolksOperWien, Austria (under the direction of Liz King). In addition she has danced in several freelance-productions both in Finland and abroad. During the years 2007-08 Aaltonen was performing in the renommed opera production ”Orfée” choreographed and directed by Mats Ek in the Royal Swedish Opera. Aaltonen has performed and toured widely in Europe, also worldwide in Canada, Japan, USA, Korea, China and Dominican Republic.

Aaltonen has enjoyed several artistic grants both from the Arts Promotion Center Finland and from private funds.

She also has experience as a rehearsal director, choreographer’s assistant and workshop-based-teacher. In addition she has worked as production manager and -organizer.

Other information

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