OuDance Festival

Miss Ida

30th OuDance Festival is held in Oulu on 13.-17.9.2023

Hanna Brotherus: Miss Ida

The performance tours in daycare centers in Oulu according to separately agreed schedule.

Description of the performance

”Miss Ida” is an interactive solo dance performance for children.

The piece has had more than 120 performances in schools and kindergartens, as well as on theatre stages and festivals in Finland and in France!

Miss Ida is a shy, timid and lonely tramp, who is always on her way to somewhere. The only thing she has with her is her suitcase, in which she carries her important things. The suitcase is also her best friend and the only companion. Some everyday things can be very difficult and unnerving for her, but some funny and strange things are often quite easy and familiar.

In the beginning of the performance Miss Ida is very shy and reserved creature. In the presence of interested and kind children she relaxes and finally gets excited and even wants to share her most precious treasures with the children. Miss Ida wants the children to get close to her and together with the them she dances and plays until once again it is time to say goodbye to the dear new friends and continue the journey towards new adventures.

A shy and reserved Miss Ida transforms to happy, glad and positive person through the human and compassionate meeting with the children.

The center of the creation is movement and music, also the intensity and strength of silence, the encounter and communication through the resources of dance.

The performance includes interactive parts, where the audience is allowed and encouraged to move with the dancer/performer. In addition there is a small discussion time after each performance. During these talks the performer and the audience can together think over the questions and thoughts aroused by the performance, such as friendship and accepting dissimilarity.

Choreography: Hanna Brotherus | Dance: Jonna Aaltonen | Music/ Sound design: Antti Ikonen | Costume design: Marjo Haapasalo | Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre | Duration: 30min. + discussion

The presentation of the artists:

Hanna Brotherus (born 1968), choreographer. Many of her works deal with the phenomenon of the society reflecting in the experiences of an individual. Brotherus is often inspired by lifestories and subjective reality.

She has been working with professional dancers and actors, but additionally also with for instance elderly people, disabled children, rehabititating drug addicts, asylum seekers and homeless women. In addition to her own freelance-based company she has also worked for example in Finnish National Theatre, in Helsinki City Theatre and in Finnish National Opera. The works of Hanna Brotherus has been seen in the Scandinavian countries and in Central Europe and her dance-shortfilms in the festivals around the world.



Jonna Aaltonen (born 1972) is a freelance dance artist, graduated from the Conservatory of Turku 1995.

Aaltonen has worked broadly in the field of dance and theatre: in contemporary dance productions, dancetheatre-, musical- and opera productions. During her over 20-year-long international career she has danced in more than 70 different pieces and worked with more than 40 choreographers (Mats Ek, Nigel Charnock, Benoît Lachambre, Michael Klien, Anu Sistonen, Tommi Kitti, Carl Knif etc.) She has been a member of several reputable companies in Europe, for example Norrdans, Sweden and VolksOperWien, Austria (under the direction of Liz King). In addition she has danced in several freelance-productions both in Finland and abroad. During the years 2007-08 Aaltonen was performing in the renommed opera production ”Orfée” choreographed and directed by Mats Ek in the Royal Swedish Opera. Aaltonen has performed and toured widely in Europe, also worldwide in Canada, Japan, USA, Korea, China and Dominican Republic.

Aaltonen has enjoyed several artistic grants both from the Arts Promotion Center Finland and from private funds.

She also has experience as a rehearsal director, choreographer’s assistant and workshop-based-teacher. In addition she has worked as production manager and -organizer.

Antti Ikonen (born 1963) has been working as a composer, sound designer and musician with different art forms since 1980’s. The repertory of compositions of Ikonen consists of more than thirty stage works, installations, shortfilms and new media works. Ikonen has worked as a musician for example in Cartes Art Machine- and Stratovarius-bands. He teaches sound design and music in the media laboratory of Aalto University in Helsinki.


Costume designer Marjo Haapasalo (born 1973) graduated from Yrkeshögskolan Sydväst design department year 2002. Haapasalo has designed costumes for numerous dance- and theatre performances for example for AB Dance Company, Linna Theatre, Turku City Theatre, Turku Summer Theatre and many freelance productions.

Since the year 2007 Haapasalo has been running her own business in Turku: Boutique Minne –store, which has specialized in designing new clothes, vintage-clothes and costumes for stage performances. (www.boutiqueminne.com)

Other information:

Please remember to follow the general safety and hygiene instructions for events:
– Don’t participate in events when having symptoms
– Take care of hand hygiene; wash your hands or use hand sanitizer
– Cough on a handkerchief or sleeve

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