OuDance Festival

Raimonda Gudavičiūtė: M(other)

OuDance Festival is being held on 13.-17.9.2023

Raimonda Gudavičiūtė: M(other), (LT)

Fri 15.9. at 19

Description of the performance

The dance piece “M(other)” highlights the challenge that motherhood poses for the professional life of an artist. The problem is not viewed from the outside, but brought live onto the stage.

Mother and son play, dance and interact there together and show both the wonderful energy that can be drawn from the mother-son relationship and the complexities that it creates for everyday life, especially professional life. “M(other)” is an intergenerational piece, accessible to children aged eight and over, but not explicitly aimed for a young audience.

The piece analyses the different roles with which the mother juggles and which repeatedly overlap, mix and contradict each other in the course of the dance. The child’s position, his wishes and demands, as well as his ever-changing view of her mother are also portrayed in “M(other)”. Despite the visibly personal and intimate relationship between mother and son on stage, the issues raised are considered in general terms and evaluated dramaturgically.

The thoughts the piece deals with are accentuated both auditorily and visually. Sound recordings of other mothers and sons are incorporated into the soundscape, while quotes from several artists are projected as part of the stage set. Various animated video projections reinforce the playful character of individual passages.

The Corona Pandemic, during which “M(other)” was created, also has a significant influence on the piece. The stage set, for example, consists of the same interlocking mats, which constantly create new spaces and structures for the dancers to deal with. Thus, especially during the lockdown, the common living space was not only a living room, but also a school, a playground and even a dance floor. Sometimes the protagonists move together in it, sometimes they try to give each other space, then again they compete for the available space.

The interplay between mother and son also shapes the choreography of the piece. Both bring their personal dance experience into the piece, creating an intense duet with influences from breakdance and contemporary dance.

“M(other)” is a dance piece in which mother and son address different questions together on stage, but never lose sight of their intimate relationship with each other and their shared passion for dancing.

Concept, Choreography: Raimonda Gudavičiūtė | Concept, Dramaturgy: Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė | Dance: Raimonda Gudavičiūtė, Elias Haun | Bboy Choreography: Keven Göbel | Set Design, Animation: Medilė Šiaulytytė | Music*: Richard Millig | Technical Direction, Lights: Sebastian Schackert | Video projections: De-Da Productions | Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre | Duration: 55 Min

*Please note: The voice recordings are partly in English, partly in German and partly in Lithuanian and are not translated or subtitled.

In the piece texts projections appear in English language.


20 e / 15 e

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