OuDance Festival

Ari Numminen & Tuomas Luukkonen: Towards Orlando

Welcome to the OuDance Festival on September 14-18 2022!

Ari Numminen & Tuomas Luukkonen: Towards Orlando

Performance schedule

Valvegalleria, Kulttuuritalo Valve
Fri 16.9. at 18

The performance will be seen in a joint evening with Ali & Alpo. The duration for full evening is 1 h 40 min.

About the performance

Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando tells a story of a person who lives 400 years without getting old, occasionally alternating between women’s and men’s gender identities. The dance piece ”Towards Orlando” is inspired by Woolf’s story but does not move precisely with the plot of the story. It aims to notice the invisible doors of time, drawing the lines of infinity and stepping through them. It is unfinished travel on the edge of masculinity and femininity, unpolished physical retreat and meditation of dance which reaches out to the possibilities of being reborn. ”Towards Orlando” is about the trip of the dancer Ari Numminen travelling to meet his young self as a tiger boy and his long lasting past with a renaissance queen. 

Dance: Ari Numminen |  Music: Tuomas Luukkonen | Lightning design: Nadja Räikkä | Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre | Duration: 40 Min


15 euros / 12 euros – joint ticket with Ali & Alpo.

From Ticket office at Cultural Centre Valve and Ticketmaster.fi.

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Other information

Please remember to follow the general safety and hygiene instructions for events:
– Don’t come to events when having symptoms
– Good hand hygiene is important: wash your hands or use hand tools
– Cough on your handkerchief or sleeve

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