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OuDance – Gravity – EN

OuDance Festival | PERFORMANCE ON THU 14.9.
Gravity is a 50-minute long, high-paced, physically stunning movement piece with eight dancers on the stage. The piece produced in collaboration with Helsinki Dance Company and Kinetic Orchestra follows the continuum of choreographer Jarkko Mandelin’s extremely physical and movement-focused dance works. The visit is produced in collaboration with Oulu Theatre.

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Paavo Virtanen and darkness

PERFORMANCE on 1.4. at 16
Join us on an adventure that will create shivers of excitement and joyful laughter!

Dance Theatre Raatikko’s Paavo Virtanen and darkness brings to the stage Anneli Kanto’s lovely Virtanen brothers.

The performance is part of the Oulu Theatre’s Oulu Children’s and Youth Theatre Festival programme.

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Apply to audience work

apply to audience work For professionals We are looking for workshops, courses and other activities for JoJo´s audence work. Read more GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT APPLYING Apply to audience work   JoJo’s

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GÄNG GÄNG Company’s WOLF is a merger between a wolf and a young person at risk of social exclusion. Choreography Liisa Heikkinen.

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Dance Prohibition

JoJo’s spring program opens up with DANCE PROHIBITION, a co-production of Dance Theatres Minimi and Tsuumi. It’s a manifesto on the right of the people to dance free when, where and how hey want.

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ALIEN – en

A meditative and timeless dance, a large living statue of people in motion placed in a empty room, an abstract and ritual act and a tribute to all those who are experienced as – and experience themselves as – ALIEN. Taneli Törmä/ Location X: ALIEN is performed by 8 dancers related to the city of Oulu.

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Massimiliano Gentile


lihadisko JoJo’s audience work is made for you! The purpose of the audience work is to bring opportunities to deepen the viewer´s experience from the content of the work and

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The Last Sapiens

A dystopic playing depiction, The Last Sapiens by Elssa Antikainen and Hanna Poikela, takes the audience as a member of an expedition to observe a ruined world that becomes the scene of power games of a small community. Behind it all is Jarkko Martikainen’s singing and guitar as the soundtrack of destruction played with the musicians of Haaga Folk Machine.

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OuDance/ Lame Tamer – EN

Lame Tamer is a performance combining dance and theater. It is a performance about wildness and taming, about subjugation and the animal side of humanity.

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