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OuDance/ Graces – EN

Graces by Silvia Gribaudi is a project inspired by The Three Graces, sculpture created by Antonio Canova. The work draws from mythology. Zeus’ three daughters – Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia – radiated splendour, joy and prosperity. Three male figures take the stage in a space and time suspended between the human and the abstract: a place where male and female meet, without roles, and dance to the rhythm of nature itself.

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OuDance / Ali & Alpo – EN

Alpo Aaltokoski Company: Ali & Alpo – a joint work by Iraqi oud lute virtuoso Ali Alawad and choreographer and dance artist Alpo Aaltokoski. Piece touchingly brings out the human experience of and a human viewpoint on the consequences of an increasingly restrictive asylum policy.
The performance will be seen in a joint evening with Towards Orlando.

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OuDance / Towards Orlando

The dance piece ”Towards Orlando” is inspired by Virginia Woolf’s story Orlando but does not move precisely with the plot of the story. ”Towards Orlando” is about the trip of the dancer Ari Numminen travelling to meet his young self as a tiger boy and his long lasting past with a renaissance queen.
The performance will be seen in a joint evening with Ali & Alpo.

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OuDance/ MARTAT – EN

MARTAT by dancer Riikka Puumalainen and musician Anne-Mari Kivimäki is a dance piece for two performers, a dancer and a musician. The work seeks to physicalize the mental landscapes of those who have left their homes or homelands due to wars or persecution.
Free entrance.

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OuDance/ #Orpheus#Eurydice – EN

Zoltán Grecsó’s and Beatrix Simkó’s duo puts Orpheus’ and Eurydice’s mythos and love story in today’s conditions. Now, Eurydice will be expelled to the hell of our present world. Of course, she will be followed by her lover, but this world is and remains unfamiliar to Orpheus, and suddenly he gets helpless and incapable. He has no vigor to confront the ethos of the 21st century.

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OuDance/ Long time no see – EN

Beatrix and Jenna were born in isolated European countries. They have the same amount of muscles and bones. Women of the Y-generation. Blonde and brunette. Nordic and Central-European. One’s ancestors lived under the Turkish empire, the other under the Swedish. One drinks pálinka and the other Koskenkorva. Almost sisters. Not quite.

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Photo of a performer talking with audience.

Audience work in performances

The purpose of the audience work is to bring opportunities to deepen the viewer´s experience from the content of the work and give an opportunity to dive into dance as a diverse art form.

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Kuva vauvanykytanssitunnilta.

Other activities

JoJo´s audience work is made for you! On this page you will find a summary of information about audience work courses open to public.

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