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JoJo’s spring 2023 program consists of JoJo’s own productions and guest performances.

About the performance


Performance schedule

Thu 27.4. at 19, Premiere
Fri 28.4 at 19, Audience discussion
Sat 29.4. at 19
Sun 30.4. at 16
Thu 25.5. at 19
Fri 26.5. at 19
Sat 27.5. at 19

Description of the performance

WOLF coalesces two themes: wolf and a youngster who is in danger of becoming marginalized.

WOLF is part of the pack and fading into gloom.

WOLF falls to the floor, closes itself in hood and seeks its place.

WOLF is state of mind and has its own movement manifestation.

WOLF is in between childhood and youth, where careless is changing to responsibility.


Choreography: Liisa Heikkinen | Dancers: Anniina Koivuniemi, Venla Virta, Ilona Räty | Sound Design: Joona Hiltunen and Liisa Heikkinen | Light Design: Liisa Heikkinen | Pictures: Ester van Dam | Production: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre and Liisa Heikkinen | Supported by: Art Promotion Center, City of Oulu | In collaboration with: Kontti by Finnish Red Cross | Duration: 50 Min | The Performance features smoke and flashing lights.

GÄNG GÄNG Company is a new, Oulu based dance group which aims to create approachable, high quality dance art served for northern Finnish audience to experience. Members of company are Liisa Heikkinen, Anniina Koivuniemi, Venla Virta and Ilona Räty. WOLF is GÄNG GÄNG Company´s first full-length production.


20 e basic ticket / 15 e students, seniors / 10 e JoJo Members

From Ticket sales in Cultural Centre Valve and Ticketmaster.fi

Kaikukortti: 6 tickets / performance from Valve ticket sales office

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Other Information

Please remember to follow the general safety and hygiene instructions for events:
– Don’t come to events when having symptoms
– Good hand hygiene is important: wash your hands or use hand tools
– Cough on your handkerchief or sleeve

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