OuDance Festival

OuDance Festival 2022

The OuDance Festival will be held for the 28th time in Oulu on September 14-18, 2022.

courses and workshops

Silja Tuovinen: Tools for your own work - Choreography course

Työkaluja omaan tekemiseen – Tools for your own work – Choreography course offers an opportunity to enter into choreography both at the level of thought and on a practical level.

Friday 16.9. at 10-16 and Saturday 17.9. at 10-16

Language: Finnish

Prize: 100 € / 75 €

More info and enrollments:  leea.alatalo@jojo.fi

Sirkus 2.0 / Henri Hänninen: Caring for your body 2.0

Reasonable body care is about perceiving the right amount of exercise and recovery compared to the current total load of life. Coach, educator and circus artist Henri Hänninen will give you examples how to plan and work your training to the next level.

Sunday 18.9. at 10-14

Language: Finnish

Prize: 50 € / 35 €

More info and enrollments: leea.alatalo@jojo.fi

Sirkus 2.0 Podcast

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