Lee Hall: Billy Elliot

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JoJo’s spring 2022 program consists of the JoJo’s own productions and guest performances.

About the performance

Lee Hall: Billy Elliot

Performance schedule

Main stage, Oulu Theatre

Fri 4.3. & Sat 5.3.2022, Double Premiere

The performances continue during autumn 2022 in between 8.9. and 17.12.2022 with 30 performances.

Check the calendar at Oulu Theatre’s Web site

Description of the performance

The musical Billy Elliot is a growth story of an 11-year-old boy living in the heart of a small mining town. The son of a working family, Billy, finds his vocation in dance and begins to pursue his dream as a ballet dancer despite his family’s opposition.

The world-successful musical tells the story of Billy’s journey from the boxing ring to ballet class. The boy’s love of dancing will eventually unite his family, inspire the whole community and change the little boy’s life. Billy Elliot is a musical about being seen and accepted as it is.

Children selected from the Oulu area through auditions make Billy Elliot a special musical. The fire of Oulu’s talents and the ability to throw themselves into telling Billy’s story are combined with the protagonist’s desire to spread his wings and fly.

Billy Elliot is directed by Heta Haanperä and choreographed by Petri Kauppinen. Billy Elliot is being performed by Aslak Kipinä and Kimi Lumme.

See Kimi’s and Aslak’s crew lineups and performance dates here.

The musical is produced in co-operation with  Oulu Theatre, JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Ballet School Sinikello and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Music production in collaboration with MD Company.

The professional dancers hired by JoJo for the musical are Jussi Suomalainen, Saku Tonteri and Roope Ryöppy.

Presentation of the entire working group on the Oulu Theater website.


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