Leea Alatalo as new Audience Work Coordinator

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JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre is one of the four member organizations of the Northern Dance Regional Center and one of the cultural partners of the city of Oulu.

Press Release

Leea Alatalo is the new Audience Work Coordinator at JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre

JoJo – Oulu Dance Center launched a search for an Audience Work Coordinator in February, when Liisa Heikkinen, currently working in the position, decided to return to the freelance field as a dance artist at the beginning of July. Fourteen applications were received and seven candidates were interviewed. JoJo’s Board elected Leea Alatalo. She will begin her full-time position on August 2, 2021. From April to the beginning of June, she works alongside Heikkinen during the induction period.

Leea Alatalo has a master’s degree in education and an artisan in the art industry. She has been working in career planning coaching services. Alatalo has also worked in early childhood education, basic education and adult education and has experience in developing Oulu’s cultural activities through community art project work, art direction and event planning. As an Audience Work Coordinator, Leea maintains and develops JoJo’s participatory audience work and acts as a link between communities, artists and JoJo.

JoJo’s audience work, which started in 2017 as a broader development project, provides an opportunity to get to know and delve into dance as a diverse art form. The goal of JoJo’s strategy is to serve the people of Oulu and the people and various communities in the Oulu region more widely. Through the development of audience work, new jobs will also be created for dance professionals and the growing demand for art-based services will be met.

Audience work is done in three different sections, which are production-related audience work, community work in communities, and other activities. The purpose of the audience work related to the program is to bring opportunities alongside the productions to deepen the viewer’s experience from the content of the production and to open up the making of dance art more widely to everyone. The purpose of the audience work in the communities is to find a suitable way for the collaborators to incorporate dance into their activities or to deepen what already exists – by planning and implementing it together. Other activities of audience work offer e.g. workshops, courses, and artist meetings that are not directly affiliated with performance programs or communities. JoJo’s audience work is open to everyone and does not require previous experience in dance or dance viewing.

For more information:

Managing Director Helena Lindqvist, helena.lindqvist@jojo.fi / +358 50 4644880

Information about JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre

JoJo – Oulu Dance Center is a professional dance production center operating in the northern Finland’s vibrant dance art field, offering international, multidisciplinary dance art programme, with a focus on contemporary dance. The program also includes the OuDance Festival in the autumn. For dance art professionals, JoJo is a platform for co-productions and visiting performances and offers international residency exchange programs. In addition, JoJo offers open workshops for everyone. JoJo is one of the four member organizations of the Northern Dance Regional Center and is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Arts Promotion Center and the City of Oulu.

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