The Last Sapiens

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JoJos’s autumn program 2022 consists of the OuDance Festival, premieres and visiting performances.


Elssa Antikainen & Hanna Poikela: The Last Sapiens

Performance schedule

Wed 31.8. at 19, Premiere
Thu 1.9. at 19
Fri 2.9. at 19, part of Oulu Day’s program
Fri 9.9. at 19 – CANCELLED!!
Sat 10.9. at 19, Audience discussion
Sun 11.9. at 16

Duration: 70 Min

Description of the performance

A dystopic playing depiction, dance production The Last Sapiens, takes the audience as a member of an expedition to observe a ruined world that becomes the scene of power games of a small community. Social order is sought from the Middle Ages, and behind it all is Jarkko Martikainen’s singing and guitar as the soundtrack of destruction. The musicians of Haaga Folk Machine, who bring a cadence of folk music to Martikainen’s iconic songs work as the minstrels.

The peaks of new generation of folk dance professionals are performing in the production of choreographers Elssa Antikainen and Hanna Poikela.

Choreography: Elssa Antikainen & Hanna Poikela | Music: Jarkko Martikainen & Haaga Folk Machine | Dance: Mitja Pilke / Jyrki Kontkanen (Hebe), Anna Myllylä, Anni Kirppu, Anni Koponen, Béla Gazdag, Eeva-Maria Kauniskangas, Ella Rautamies, Emma Kantelinen, Emma Laitinen, Ida Kujala, Jenna-Riikka Mäkinen, Jyrki Kontkanen, Neea-Reeta Aaltonen, Nelli Terävä, Petri Heikinmatti, Rene Ounaslehto, Riina Hosio, Samuel Aaltonen, Samuel Tuisku, Sofia Timonen, Tatu Aspelund | Musicians: Jarkko Martikainen, Anssi Salminen, Sami Zimmermann, Tero Hyväluoma | Curation: Milla Korja | Photo: Sami Perttilä |  Production: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre & Hanna Poikela | In collaboration with: Dance teacher education at Oulu university of applied sciences | Supported by: Art Promotion Center, Oulun valistustalorahasto | Duration: 70 Min | The performance includes strong scenes!


15 e normal tickets / 12 e students, seniors / 6 e JoJo members

From Ticket office at Cultural Centre Valve and

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Other information

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– Don’t come to events when having symptoms
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